Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in Africa

No Pinoy Christmas for me this year.
No puto bumbong or queso de bola.
No dancing lights or parol hanging by the window.

Tonight it's just me.
Tomorrow I'll wake up to a Christmas morning greeted by the African sun.
So much for a white Christmas eh?

Yeah, seems lame; being alone and all on Christmas day. But I will not feel sorry for myself. I chose this in the first place. Anyway, it will just be my first Christmas away from home. Everyone has his firsts. Besides, celebrating Christmas here is not that bad. I will be going to a morning mass which I believe is the one thing that will complete the day the world awaits. Afterall, Christmas is Christ's birthday. Ghana has 41% Christians so Christmas is a national holiday here; meaning I don't have to go to work tomorrow. It's better than being in an Arab country; better than not having a Christmas day off at all.

But of course, I must admit that nothing compares to a Pinoy Christmas. Being here in Africa makes me numb to the usual Christmas spirit that used to rouse me as the days enter the "BER" months. Then just now I realised that the thing I misses back home is the tradition. And when you take that tradition out, Christmas will still be there. It will surely feel different but Christ remains. Sometimes I think traditions outdo the very meaning and spirit they represent. For instance, people are too preoccupied with how to manage all gifts for friends, relatives and inaanak that they forget to stop and greet that baby who brought salvation to all of us.

Tonight it's just me.
Tomorrow, I'll be making the best out of the day.
Tomorrow it will be me and the birthday celebrant.

Happy Christmas! :)

GMT 0 Accra, Ghana

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