Tuesday, December 23, 2008


... is over; from blogging, that is.

It has been over a month. Lots of things had happened. Lots of thoughts and ideas that failed to come into writing. The day I left Brasil I know that my blogging endeavor has entered a hiatus.

n. pl. hi·a·tus·es or
A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break

The word seems hifalutin; maybe because most of the Latin words or phrases adopted verbatim by the English language have this sort of grandeur as with their former empire. I even have to "google" it when I first encountered the term in the height of my TV series following (yes, an episode is ready for download the night it aired). Then I became less fond of the word ever since; at least the meaning it applies to my engrossing TV series – having to wait for a month after a cliffhanging episode of Smallville or Heroes! US TV stations usually implement a hiatus for their programs for the sheer purpose of running it longer or to make avid audiences hooked to future episodes/seasons or it's way of evaluating ratings before totally cancelling the show.

Well, hiatus is not bad when in the context of corporate slavery; actually it is in the same pedestal with that of annual bonus and Christmas party. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is next to impossible.

All of us will definitely undergo hiatuses in our lives. We even have hiatuses in our daily lives. They can be forced or they can be planned. They can be desirable or they can be disastrous. It all depends on how we go through with our lives. Of course, everyone needs to have hiatus from the things they are tired of doing because they are simply tired. But then, hiatus from the things they love doing is a different story. There might be some valid reasons. Of course why would I want to stop when I am enjoying. I don't think I can even have that thought in the middle of it all. Yet somehow the universe has its ways of conspiring with itself; an unexpected force that will slow me down to a full stop.

And then, hiatus.

I now understand that this is a natural human cycle; a part of God's grand design. It gives me a chance to re-evaluate life. If the hiatus is due to exhaustion then I might consider doing different things. If the hiatus, on the other hand, just gives me a reason to continue on, then I live the old life yet another day. And then I just realised that a hiatus may also open doors to new things aside from those that I love. Not most people can juggle all balls with one hand so the hiatus becomes a turning point, a crossroad. One thing is certain: no wrong choices; only opportunities. Afterall, we have a lot of hiatuses to last a lifetime.

My archive will definitely regret the fact that November 2008 will never be part of its index. But I don't regret the hiatus that just passed.

It just made me continue writing.

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